8 Best Mediterranean Recipes

Take a cruise around the Mediterranean from Greece to Morocco, Italy to Spain, one dish at a time.


Fig Ricotta Pizza

1. Roasted Eggplant Salad

Put a Mediterranean twist on your eggplant. Cooked until soft, and topped with tomatoes and tahini - your nightmares of chewy and bitter eggplant will be a thing of the past.

Time: 32 minutes
Ingredients: 8 items
Calories: 310 cal

2. Avocado Hummus

Avocado is extra and so are you! Take already delicious hummus and make it extra creamy. You’ll just be looking for excuses to put this dip on everything.

Time: 7 minutes
Ingredients: 10 items
Calories: 870 cal

3. Meatball & Tortellini Minestrone

We sneaked in a little extra somethin’ (meatballs - surprise!) in this traditional minestrone soup. Ready in under 30 minutes, there’s no excuses to not make this yummy soup.

Time: 28 minutes
Ingredients: 13 items
Calories: 740 cal

4. Greek Beef Burger

Up your burger game with this seriously tasty patty. Flavored with fresh oregano, olives, and feta cheese, you won’t regret making it.

Time: 26 minutes
Ingredients: 9 items
Calories: 560 cal

5. Spicy Carrot Harissa Soup

Full of spice and everything nice - dollops of creamy avocado, zesty lemon, and spicy harissa. This soup is loaded.

Time: 34 minutes
Ingredients: 7 items
Calories: 480 cal

6. Fig, Ricotta & Prosciutto Naan Pizza

Sweet figs, creamy cheese, and salty ham make the perfect quick and delicious pizza.

Time: 27 minutes
Ingredients: 6 items
Calories: 680 cal

7. Carrot Salad

Make this show stopper-of-a-meal as the centerpiece of your next dinner. Coated in a citrusy sauce, and jeweled with pomegranate seeds; this dish is bursting with flavor.

Time: 42 minutes
Ingredients: 7 items
Calories: 320 cal

8. Tapenade Tofu with Red Bell Pepper, Yellow Onion & Red Quinoa

Tofu gets topped with this delicious Mediterranean spread. Packed with olives and fresh herbs, and a breeze to chop together. Enjoy with sweet bell peppers and nutritious quinoa.

Time: 52 minutes
Ingredients: 12 items
Calories: 470 cal

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