8 Ideas For a Meatless Dinner

Go beyond meatless Mondays with these delicious vegetarian dinner ideas.


Meatless dinner idea: Mushroom pizza

1. Veggie Bolognese with Pappardelle

Packed with umami, this vegan pasta sauce pairs like a dream with the classic pappardelle-pasta.

Time: 41 minutes
Ingredients: 13 items
Calories: 770 cal

2. Classic Tortellini Minestrone

Can’t go wrong with this Italian classic! Enjoy with some crusty bread and a glass (or two) of Chianti.

Time: 23 minutes
Ingredients: 12 items
Calories: 570 cal

3. Caramelized Onion & Shroom Naan Pizza

This pizza comes together in no time! Pre-made naan topped with umami-packed mushrooms and onions, this quick and easy pizza will satisfy your Friday night pizza craving in under 30 minutes.

Time: 25 minutes
Ingredients: 7 items
Calories: 470 cal

4. Miso Mushroom Ramen

Steaming hot miso broth and satisfying ramen noodles - a cozy dream on a cold fall night. This Japanese-inspired soup packs all the flavor!

Time: 24 minutes
Ingredients: 12 items
Calories: 440 cal

5. Vegetable Pave

Dinner party coming up? Go all in and wow your guests with this Vegetable Pave (a layered delight) served with brown butter carrots (brown butter, helloo?!) and silky, whipped cream fraiche.

Time: 106 minutes
Ingredients: 12 items
Calories: 460 cal

6. Pesto Dressed Raviolis

Two classics in one! This Italian pasta dish is quick to make and full of flavor.

Time: 14 minutes
Ingredients: 5 items
Calories: 420 cal

7. Creamy Chickpea Curry

Super creamy, super yummy. Spoon it over a fragrant cilantro-ginger rice and enjoy.

Time: 46 minutes
Ingredients: 16 items
Calories: 580 cal

8. Tomato Basil Tofu with Broccoli & Quinoa

Get ready for some seriously tasty tofu with this Italian-inspired roasted tomato basil sauce. Paired with broccoli and quinoa, it’s the perfect healthy weeknight meal.

Time: 77 minutes
Ingredients: 8 items
Calories: 420 cal

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