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Discover Your Favorite Strawberry Recipes

Strawberries are truly the sweetest summer snack, but strawberries can be so much more than that.


French Toast Kabob with strawberries

1. Strawberry Salad

Make your summer salad dreams come true with this Goat Cheese & Strawberry salad. Delicious as is or paired with a piece of grilled fish.

Time: 8 minutes
Ingredients: 6 items
Calories: 310 cal

2. Baked Brie with Strawberry Jam

Oozy, warm cheese and sweet homemade strawberry jam? Yes, please!

Time: 77 minutes
Ingredients: 9 items
Calories: 340 cal

3. PB & J Smoothie

Your favorite childhood sandwich reincarnated. Because you’re an adult and you drink smoothies now.

Time: 4 minutes
Ingredients: 5 items
Calories: 350 cal

4. Fruit Kabob

Make these delicious fruit kabobs for a quick and healthy-ish weeknight dessert.

Time: 13 minutes
Ingredients: 11 items
Calories: 690 cal

5. Berry Oat Cobbler

You can’t go wrong with this classic summer Berry Oat Cobbler.

Time: 57 minutes
Ingredients: 14 items
Calories: 830 cal

6. Mixed Berry Pancakes

Nothing stacks up to these classic buttermilk pancakes with pockets of fresh berries served with a quick, homemade berry compote.

Time: 25 minutes
Ingredients: 12 items
Calories: 500 cal

7. French Toast Kabob

Check out this fun way to serve french toast at your next brunch — no more fighting who gets the last piece.

Time: 32 minutes
Ingredients: 12 items
Calories: 580 cal
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