Wegmans Cider<Glazed Carrots with Pumpkin Seeds Non-Dairy Drinks - 1 lb
Low Sodium

Low Sodium

Excellent Source Vitamin A

Excellent Source Vitamin A

Excellent Source Vitamin C

Excellent Source Vitamin C

Preservatives preservatives
High Sugar high sugar
Added Sugar added sugar
Salt salt
Lactose lactose
Common Allergens:
  • Sesame,
  • Honey,
  • Milk,
  • Oligosaccharide,
  • Monosaccharide,
  • Lactose,
  • Wheat,
  • Polyol,
  • Soy

Health Tip

Looking for an alternative to milk? Non-dairy drinks can be a good alternative to milk if they have enough calcium and protein. Watch out for hidden sources of added sugar, especially in the flavored choices though! Don't worry, I've got a lot of little tricks that can be great alternatives to milk. Download the ShopWell app and let's get started!

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