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Innit Launches its platform in Sweden with number one retailer ICA, pursuing expansion in Europe

SWEDEN   •   April 17, 2019 April 17, 2019

The Innit Food Platform is now being launched in the Swedish market and will bring together an integrated ecosystem aiming to facilitate consumers’ food journey from end to end. The platform starts with the launch of an app, together with ICAx, the innovation hub of the number one Swedish retailer ICA with 1300 stores serving millions of consumers. The "Innit med ICA" app makes cooking easy through recipe modules that tailor healthy meals based on personal preferences.

"We are excited to launch in Sweden and make it easier for consumers to prepare and share meals at home. Together we are building an integrated ecosystem to offer consumers a simple solution around nutrition, meals and cooking, and deliver an end- to-end integrated experience around food. We are proud to partner with ICA and bring a unique and delightful experience to Swedish consumers in store and at home," says Corinne Avelines, responsible for Innit in Europe.

With the “Innit med ICA” app, a complete food experience is now possible to simplify cooking at home. The recipes are structured through flexible modules that can be compiled into thousands of healthy meal suggestions based on personal taste preferences, helping make better use of what you have on hand to reduce food waste. Integrated throughout the cooking process, step-by-step videos show how to easily succeed in the kitchen. In a few months the platform will expand, integrating IoT-connected appliances, automatically adjusting temperature and cook mode to assure optimal results every time. This will improve the taste of the food and better preserve its nutritional qualities while making the experience easier for consumers.

“So far we are only at the beginning of how smart kitchens will look in the future. ICA are experts in food, and we want to be an early part of this development to identify how we can be relevant to our customers in terms of new technology and user experience. We want to make it easy to cook good food and guide the customer all the way to the food being on the table", says Ariella Rotstein, Co-lead, at ICAx.

Things are changing fast, and together Innit and ICA are re-inventing the future of food from the store to the home by integrating an end-to-end ecosystem to make it easier for consumers to buy, prepare and enjoy their food.

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