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Innit is a personalized solution to help you easily shop for the right ingredients and confidently cook delicious meals any night of the week.


Creating your Food Profile allows for all your likes, dislikes, and health or allergy concerns to live in one place so you can quickly discover the right products and meals for you.

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Never bring home the wrong product again. Whether you are shopping for a single item or a weekly grocery list, your Food Profile will find the best option for you. Easily see alerts you if there is any item to avoid and quickly find trade-ups or alternate products.

Step 1

Truss and flavor chicken.

Step 2

Cook and season green beans.

Step 3

Add couscous to boiling water.

Step 4

Slice and serve chicken.


Get the cooking guidance you need whether you're an amateur or aspiring chef. Step-by-step videos and easy how-tos help you go from inspiration to cooking with confidence.


Unlock even more by connecting or registering your appliances. Access additional recipes and send professional cooking instructions directly to your smart appliances for phenomenal results.

Whole Roasted Chicken4 of 15 steps
  • Convection Roast

    450 ºF
  • Convection Bake

    425 ºF
  • Bake

    375 ºF
  • Convection Roast

    300 ºF


Every step has been simplified and solved so you can enjoy more time around the table with family and friends.

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