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The Innit Platform enables partners to scale their own assets by engaging and communicating directly with consumer through personalized food experiences.

Our Partners

Our Platform

Provide personalized solutions to everyday consumer pain points in nutrition and cooking. Services & solutions for Industry Partners allow you to scale, enhance, and monetize through personalized experiences for your customers.

Our Services

Match customers to products that best meet their nutritional needs and lifestyle preferences. Provide brand experiences to consumers from purchase to pantry.

Turn any recipe into a rich experience with Augmented Recipes. The Innit Plotform layers on step-by-step videos, nutrition, shoppable ingredients, and Appliance Cook Programs to your recipe content

Appliances reach full potential with Innit’s Appliance-aware Adaptive Cook Programs (ACP) development and cloud integration. Give your customers perfect results every time, from the perfect frozen pizza to tender ribs cooked in half the time.


Leading brands rely on Innit to help the right consumers discover their products. From recommending the best possible products to ensuring optimal preparation and cooking results, our partnerships provide inspiration and a world-class experience for our users.


Innit works with partners in the retail industry to provide integrated meal planning and a more seamless shopping experience for consumers. The result is increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Smart Displays + Assistants

We are unlocking next-generation cooking through partnering with leaders in technology. Simple voice commands bring the power of the Innit platform seamlessly into consumers' lives.


The World’s leading appliance manufacturers trust Innit to create elevated consumer experiences for connected and non-connected appliances. Through promoting products, accessories and services, we provide our partners with long term value and new revenue streams.

Connect the Dots. Connect with Innit.

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