• Ingredients

    • American Lobster 1


  1. How to Break Down a Lobster

    This technique is great for when broiling or grilling a whole lobster.

    Start by twisting the claws off. Make sure to twist off the joint closest to the body. You should now have the whole claw, including the knuckle, in your hand.

    To remove the meat from the claws, crack the shell with the back (dull) side of a large chefs knife. Give the claws and knuckles a few good whacks to ensure the shell breaks clean.

    Set the cracked claws aside or pick out the meat right away. If lobster is intended for grilling, then keep the shell intact and pick the meat after the lobster is grilled.

    To pick the meat, simply peel off the shell and remove the meat by the help of a small fork or toothpick.

    To split lobster in half, place the lobster on its back, on a cutting board.

    Pierce a large sharp knife right where the body ends and the tail starts. Make one clean cut in order to break through the shell.

    Turn the lobster and repeat the step by making a sharp cut from the body to the tail.

    You can now prepare the lobster as you wish (think Lobster Thermidor).

    Tip! Save the shells and use them to make a flavorful broth.