• Ingredients

    • Green Asparagus 1 bunch


  1. How to Trim Asparagus - Option 1

    This method is perfect for when you're feeling lazy (we all do sometimes, it's ok) since you need no equipment whatsoever.

    The lower part of the asparagus tends to be woody. An easy way to remove this is to find the natural cutting point and then simply bend the asparagus.

    It should snap off in the right spot, but just to makes sure that you don't create any unnecessary waste, try and snap where the green part of the stalks starts fading to white.

    We like to use the woody parts to flavor stocks and broths, so freeze up any waste and throw in a pot the next time you're cooking up a stock or broth. Oh, snap!

  2. How to Trim Asparagus - Option 2

    Snapping might be satisfying, but if you feel like that doesn't yield in as precise stalks as you'd prefer, we recommend using a knife.

    Just line up a whole bunch of asparagus on the cutting board, and trim the ends where you see the green starting to fade into white.