• Ingredients

    • Pineapple 1


  1. How to Peel a Pineapple

    Place the pineapple on a cutting board on its side.

    With a sharp knife, cut off the crown and trim about 1/4-inch off the bottom to create a flat surface.

    Flip the pineapple from its side to stand upright, making sure you have a stable grip.

    Start cutting away the thick peel, working your way around the whole pineapple until all peel is removed.

  2. How to Dice a Pineapple

    Follow the instructions on how to peel a pineapple.

    Holding the pineapple upright, cut the fruit into large wedges, going around the thick and fibrous core. You can discard the core or use it in smoothies.

    Place the fruit halves, flat side down, and start slicing lengthwise. The number of incisions is dependent on how big you wish the dice to be.

    Continue to cut crosswise to form dice.