• Ingredients

    • Avocado 1


  1. How to Pit an Avocado

    Grab a firm grip of the avocado and slice in half lengthwise while simultaneously rotating.

    Give the avocado a twist to separate the two halves.

    Hold the half with the pit in it, and cautiously knock the sharp end of the blade into the pit. Twist to remove the pit.

    Use the back of your thumb, an edge of a cutting board, or a trash can, to safely remove the pit from the sharp knife blade.

  2. How to Scoop an Avocado

    Follow instructions on how to pit an avocado.

    Carefully scoop out the flesh, by inserting and sliding a large spoon between the flesh and the peel.

  3. How to Dice an Avocado

    Follow instructions on how to pit and spoon out an avocado.

    Place avocado halves, flat side down, and slice lengthwise. Rotate 180 degrees and slice again to form dice.